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Virginians continue to face an array of uncertainties as we navigate through two public health crises: COVID-19 and systemic racism. Now, more than ever, Virginia is in need of progressive, courageous leadership that will put people over profit and politics.


Princess Blanding, an educator for over 13 years here in the Commonwealth and a grassroots activist, has a history of fighting to elevate the voices and concerns of every day, working-class Virginians and for increased accountability from our local and state elected officials to address the inequities in our Black and most marginalized communities.


As Virginia continues to move forward in building an inclusive Commonwealth, Princess is working tirelessly to ensure that liberation is a human right, not a privilege.


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The Solutions We Need Are Realistic

I, Casey Overton, endorse Princess Blanding for governor of my lifelong home of Virginia. The duopoly of the corporate-controlled two-party system has inevitably permeated our beloved Commonwealth, and neither Republicans nor Democrats are serving our most vulnerable. My entire life, I’ve lived in or near Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell, and Hampton Roads where I’ve witnessed how under-resourced black communities struggle for a good education, affordable housing, employment, and fair treatment by law enforcement. I’ve visited rural white counties left all but blighted in the absence of opportunities, meaningful investment, and healthcare access. Our marginalized immigrant communities are too often left out of the conversation completely. 


Princess sees the obstacles we face in her work as a teacher and activist. She is honest about the failings of our major political parties and is determined to provide a much-needed alternative that will secure the rights and basic needs of all Virginians. She shares my belief that liberation is possible for everyone. The Liberation Party understands that the solutions we need are realistic if we dare to prioritize them. I support Princess Blanding because she represents a caring politic that will guide Virginia toward a compassionate future where no one is denied their dignity and necessities. 

Casey Overton, Nonprofit Coordinator and Writer

Chesterfield, VA

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