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Tidewater DSA Endorsement 



We are excited for the Tidewater DSA’s endorsement because our goals and philosophies are very much aligned--giving power back to the working class, advocating for social change, putting people over profits--and we are stronger together. We are working hard to break up the duopoly and people’s ties to the idea of “Blue no matter who,” and, as a third party we understand and appreciate the strong groups and networks like the Democratic Socialists who have put in the work. We are honored to be endorsed by a group with a history of activism and anti-capitalist ethos. Our power is in unity and working with like-minded organizations to dismantle the two-party system and to ensure that liberation is a human right, not a privilege for all Virginians.

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People Power Virginia is proud to announce our Climate Justice Champion
for the 2021 Virginia Governor’s race:

Ms. Blanding is a tried and trusted community activist working for the interests of the marginalized communities throughout Virginia. PPVA is impressed with Ms. Blanding’s commitment to a clean energy future and her specific focus on protecting the same communities from being sacrificed to large corporate interests over and over again.

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Princess Blanding Meets Deadline, Remains in Governor’s Race

Independent candidate collects enough signatures, meets adjusted requirement.

RICHMOND-Independent candidates didn’t have a primary on Tuesday, but they did have a deadline. For Princess Blanding, that meant in order to get on the November ballot, she had to collect at least 2,000 signatures. 

Click to read the full article by Dogwood by Megan Schiffres

Photo by: Kate Thompson


12/29/2020 - Princess Blanding Announces Run for VA Governor: Prioritizes Community Care, Public Safety, Equity and Inclusion.

“When you know better, you do better,” said Blanding. “The fight has moved from the streets and city government, to the state legislature where progressive change is imperative. Our time is now to create a future in which all Virginians see their values reflected in their leaders.” 

Click to read the official press release.

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